About Us

Baby Essentials Bahrain was inspired by the birth of our son, Kian, in June 2015. The company was the result of months of endless research, looking for the perfect baby products that every new mama needed.

It had been 9 years since the birth of our daughter so I was confused and completely "out-of-the-loop.” Even though everyone expected me to be an expert because I had already had Ria, I honestly had no idea what I needed for my little boy (and so much had changed in almost a decade). So I spoke to other new moms, I read hundreds of parenting blogs, and watched hours and hours of ‘Best Baby Product’ YouTube videos. I researched all the award-winning products that were out there and finally, I went out and bought each and every item for myself.

The problem was that I couldn't actually buy anything in Bahrain. I was absolutely shocked! Almost every single item had to be ordered from the USA or UK and be shipped here. Needless to say, this not only cost me far too much money, I also had to wait several weeks for the items to arrive; not ideal for my "I need to have it now” personality!

My husband and I realised that we couldn’t possibly be alone in this mission to find the baby essentials that other mothers around the world take for granted so we decided to put my "expertise" to good use and launch Baby Essentials Bahrain. This way, no mother or baby would need to go without (and we could save you time and money - the Dads should be happy about that!).

Since our humble beginnings from a few products laid out on my husband’s pool table in our home, Baby Essentials has grown into a regional family favourite. Our mamas travel from as far as Saudi and Kuwait to see us and, in December 2019, we welcomed Baby Sienna to the Baby Essentials family!

We have tried and tested all the products we sell. The ones that were awesome are for sale at Baby Essentials and those that weren’t so great never made it to the store! You can trust us when we say, "whatever you choose to buy from Baby Essentials Bahrain is AMAZING!"

Happy Shopping and Welcome to the Baby Essentials Family!



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